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How Much Do You Need To Spend For Invisalign In The UK?

Invisalign In The UK

If you want a straight and beautiful smile without any embarrassment or eye on the treatment the Invisalign is the ideal choice! This new-age dental work has substituted the domination of regular braces completely.

The treatment involves a series of aligners that possess numerous benefits. Starting from easy maintenance and cleaning to near-to-invisible and painless are name to a few. It makes life and undergoing teeth straightening treatment easy and convenient.

However, to many the Invisalign cost is a crucial factor to consider. Whether you want it for orthodontic or cosmetic here we will answer some questions to let you decide whether it’s worth the cost or not. So, let’s start…..

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What is the cost of Invisalign in the UK?

You may call Invisalign a bespoke treatment. Of course, it never means that it fits one size at all. Depending on the crookedness and current dental condition, Invisalign in the UK cost can range anywhere between £1500 and £5000. You may consider its price as extreme but based on the individual case you can pay slightly less or more.

If you are suffering from mild to moderate then the procedure will charge you around £2500-£3500. But it may not or may cover the retainer and aftercare charges. So, it is better to consult with the dentist to stay informed about the total cost of the procedure.

Is Invisalign less expensive than braces in the UK?

If you choose conventional braces, it may need to shell off anywhere between £1500 and £2500. Based on the individual condition and requirements, on the other hand, Invisalign can cost similar or somewhat more than regular teeth straightening methods.

But most people are wondering the reason behind its huge preference when it comes to teeth straightening treatment. Although it may incur you slightly more you can keep certain complications and additional issues of traditional braces at bay. Invisalign works effectively but silently giving you the most desirable smile that you have dreamt of for a long!

What is the most affordable cost of Invisalign in the UK?

Various kinds of Invisalign treatments are there to choose from after consulting with the orthodontist. Invisalign Teen is ideal for teens with continuously growing dental structure, Invisalign Lite can fix mild cases, Invisalign Express is for moderate misalignment of up to 20 teeth, and Invisalign Comprehensive can address complex teeth positioning and misalignment with ease.

To know more about Invisalign and its extensive treatment, you should speak with the dentist. Also, they can help you with the most affordable Invisalign cost in the UK. However, despite mild or complex issues, you need to bear a minimum cost of £2500 to £2900. With finance options available at the practice, you may need to pay interest-free £30-£50 a month for payment.  

Does Invisalign cover by insurance?

Before choosing any insurance plan, it is your responsibility to read the documents carefully. Doing so will help you stay informed about the coverage of certain dental procedures, if any.

These days, due to the popularity of orthodontic and cosmetic procedures like Invisalign and braces, most policies cover them. With insurance, you can get any private dental treatments hassle-free and without making a hole in your pocket.

What are some financial plans available for Invisalign in the UK?

While you are about to visit any orthodontist or dentist highlight your concern regarding the available finance plans or packages. Most of the clinics have 12-24 month finance plans in which you can pay monthly or weekly.

Many clinics provide a 12-month, zero-interest payment option where you need to pay a minimum of £28. Before you start your teeth straightening journey consult with the dentist to know the total cost of Invisalign to meet the individual requirements. Sometimes, you may need to address any pertaining oral problems which may incur some additional expenditure.

Is it possible to get Invisalign in the NHS?

No, NHS never offers Invisalign treatment. However, teens can visit the NHS to get regular traditional braces. And if you want a more discreet option like Invisalign then you need to shell off £2000 to £3000 to seek private teeth straightening treatment.

Is there any after-cost involved for the treatment?

Invisalign is not a single-time treatment. It involves the use of a transparent aligner tray that will fix the position of the teeth. Remember, in the end, you will need to put on the retainers otherwise it will get back to its original position putting all your efforts in vain. So, a retainer is important to hold on to the new position of the teeth. It is similar to that of the post-treatment procedure.

A treatment plan may or may not cover this after cost. However, you can get it covered under any flexible finance plan. Consult with the dentist during the appointment for more assistance.

How does the cost of Invisalign vary according to different cities?

The cost of Invisalign varies greatly depending on which city you are at present. For instance, the Invisalign Offers London is approx £2,770.9 but the cost of the treatment in Birmingham is that of £2,004.5 making it most affordable to the patients. Not only the city, but you should know that your location is somewhat responsible for determining the cost of the treatment as well.

Plus, the reputation, qualification, and experience of the dentist can contribute to the hike up the expense of the treatment. That’s why you may find variations in the prices at various clinics in the same city.

Is Invisalign worth the cost?

Despite the cost you need to pay for the treatment, you can surely enjoy the benefits of avoiding social awkwardness and ensuring comfort. So, paying a bit more will not be a problem for you at all.

However, for a more cost-efficient option, traditional braces are ideal for you. Invisalign of course, costs more and consumes more time if compared to traditional braces. However, you cannot ignore the impeccable benefits it offers throughout the teeth straightening treatment.


Invisalign usually costs you anywhere from £2500 to £ 5000 and sometimes more depending on the specific requirements and location. But it is always value for the money including the perks it offers. Consult with the dentist of Smile Clinic London, Invisalign Provider to know the flexible, zero-interest payment plans for 12-24 months. With spreading the cost, you can get a beautiful and straight smile in just £30 to £50 per month.