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Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines for submitting your content at Amazing Health. Kindly follow the guidelines to ensure that your article gets published on Amazing Health. If your content will not meet the guidelines the article will be rejected.

  • Content must be unique, should be grammatically correct & spell checked & make sense. By submitting content(article/blog) at Amazing Health, you are assured that the article is completely our creation. WE DO NOT post DUPLICATE CONTENT.
  • SPINNED articles are strictly restricted.
  • The minimum length of the content should be at least 800+ words.
  • Construct your post with Headings subtitles (mainly use H2 & H3 tags), and paragraphs.
  • Affiliated and promotional Content and links will not be accepted.
  • The article must be associated with one of the blog categories of Amazing Health.
  • Once the article is published on Amazing Health, you are not permitted to republish the content somewhere else. We do run repeated checks, if found somewhere else it will be immediately removed from Amazing Health. However, you are allowed to share the article on your social media platforms.
  • Articles should be written in MS Word format and submitted to:


  • Custom Packaging Boxes etc. Related Posts are not Allowed.
  • We do not accept any sensitive niche (such as CBD Nudity, etc.)

1. Sponsored / Paid Articles:

We’re always happy to consider paid articles for our website amazing-health.us, as long as they fit our niche. Just to clarify, we charge a general post requirement according to your post requirement, and a health, fitness, and lifestyle post price of $ per article, and the same with a Pharmacy post/article, and each article will include 2 do-follow links that will remain active indefinitely. Could you please let us know what topic you had in mind?

Paid/Sponsored posts are instantly published.

Articles can be submitted through our form after payment.

Paid/Sponsored articles remain on the Amazing Health homepage for several days before being moved to the appropriate article category where they remain indefinitely. 

For further details and prices regarding our Paid/Sponsored Posts program, Contact us. 

Email: amazinghealth011@gmail.com

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Here You Can Submit Your Blog: 

The minimum length of the content should be at least 800+ words, otherwise, it will be immediately removed from Amazing Health.

Write for Us: 

We only accept an article that follows the Google SEO guidelines the article should be precise and informational and the article should be unique. We won’t accept duplicate articles so whenever you will send the article, do enclose the screenshot of Copyscape. If you don’t have any paid tool for checking plagiarism then you can enclose the duplicate checker and a small SEO tool screenshot. Please attach it at your convenience.  We commit that the article won’t be marked with rel=” sponsored” and “UGC” or “nofollow” and we don’t mention any disclaimer on the published article which can lead to promotional content.