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Top 10 Dental Implants Grand Prairie

Dental Implants Grand Prairie

Dental Implants Grand Prairie has transformed dentistry by providing a long-lasting and aesthetically acceptable replacement for lost teeth. Grand Prairie has a large number of dental specials that excel at offering top-notch dental implant services thanks to its thriving medical community. We will examine the top 10 dental implant practices in Grand Prairie in this post, showcasing their superior offerings and dedication to oral health.

  1. Grand Prairie Dental

Address: 2630 S Carrier Pkwy #100, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Grand Prairie Dental is a leader in dental care and is situated right in the middle of Grand Prairie. This facility is a pioneer in dental implant surgeries and is renowned for its cutting-edge facilities and staff of highly qualified dentists. Grand Prairie Dental makes sure that every patient has a flawless experience, from the initial consultation to the post-operative care.


  • Thorough dental examinations
  • Placement and repair of implants
  • Periodontal procedures
  • Changing your smile
  1. Great Southwest Family Dental

Address: 3011 W. Interstate 20, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

A reputable brand in the dental industry, Great Southwest Family Dental is renowned for its sympathetic treatment and proficiency in implant dentistry. The clinic places a lot of emphasis on patient education to make sure that people are aware of all of their available treatment options.

Services provided

  • Both solitary and numerous implants
  • Complete dental Implant
  • Implant surgery using digital guidance
  • Instantaneous dental implants
  1. Pecan Tree Dental

Address: 1700 W Polo Rd #100, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

In the world of dentistry, Pecan Tree Dental is a shining example of innovation. This clinic, run by renowned prosthodontist Dr. Quinn Smith, blends cutting-edge technology with a client-focused philosophy. The numerous success stories of smile restorations show their proficiency in dental implants.

Services provided

  • Bridges and crowns for implants
  • Dentures supported by implants
  • Implant placement with computer guidance
  • Cosmetic dentistry and smile design
  1. Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics

Address: 5334 Ross Ave 800, Dallas, Texas, 75206, United States

A famous multi-specialty clinic, Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics provides a variety of dental services, including cutting-edge implant dentistry. They specialize in offering whole solutions for patients with missing teeth because they have a staff of knowledgeable prosthodontists and oral surgeons.


  • Planning and evaluation for dental implants
  • Inserts for immediate load
  • Overdentures supported by implants
  • Implant-based full-mouth rehabilitation
  1. Great Expression Dental Centers

Address: 29777 Telegraph Rd Ste 3000, Southfield, Michigan, 48034, US

The Great Expression Dental Centers are well known for providing high-quality dental care like no dairy after dental implant in a variety of specializations. Their implant dentistry department is no exception, offering patients a way to precisely and confidently restore their smiles.

Services provided

  • Placement and repair of implants
  • Bone augmentation and grafting
  • Treatments called All-on-4 and All-on-6
  • Digital smile creation for accurate outcomes
  1. Comfort Smile Dentistry

Address: 15724 Gale Ave. Hacienda Heights, CA 91745, US

Comfort Smile Dentistry places a high priority on the satisfaction and comfort of its patients. Top-notch implant procedures are among the many dental treatments that Dr. Nitin Malik and his staff are committed to providing. Each patient will receive a treatment plan that is customized to meet their demands.

Services provided

  • Dental implants with dental Stages
  • Dentures and bridges supported by implants
  • Using digital diagnostics to put implants precisely
  • Complete maintenance and aftercare
  1. Smiley Dental & Orthodontics

Address: 2811 S Hampton Rd, Ste A, Dallas, TX, United States

An established name in dental care, Smiley Dental & Orthodontics is renowned for its dedication to quality and affordability. The skilled professionals make use of the most recent tools and methods to produce durable outcomes that seem natural.

Services provided

  • Installation and repair of dental implants
  • Techniques using All-on-4 and All-on-6
  • Sinus lifts and bone grafting
  • Using 3D imaging to plan treatments precisely
  1. Ideal Dental

Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd Ste 312. Dallas, TX

A well-known dental chain with a sizable presence in Grand Prairie is Ideal Dental. Their implant dentistry branch is home to a group of talented experts who are committed to giving customers high-quality, reasonably priced tooth replacement options.

Services provided

  • Evaluation and planning for dental implants
  • Crowns and bridges supported by implants
  • Options for same-day dental implants
  • Personalized treatment approaches for best outcomes
  1. Lifetime Family Dental

Address: 5445 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75038 (Serving Grand Prairie)

Lifetime Family Dental is renowned for its extensive dental services, including competence in dental implants, and serves the Grand Prairie region from the nearby city of Irving. Their staff offers durable, realistic results.

  1. Shifa Dental 

Address: 2091 N Collins Street, Suite 111, Arlington, Texas 76011 (Near Grand Prairie)

Shifa Dental is a nearby dental office in Grand Prairie that offers a comprehensive range of services, such as dental implants. Their highly skilled dentists are well-versed in providing successful and long-lasting implant treatments. Patients appreciate the clinic’s commitment to using high-quality equipment and innovative techniques.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Grand Prairie is home to a wide variety of dental implant clinics, each of which stands out for its dedication and luxurious services. These top 10 clinics are available to assist you in achieving a self-assured and beautiful smile. Even it supports single-tooth implants, full-mouth implants, or implant-supported dentures. Keep in mind that a healthy grin opens the door to a happier, more self-assured you.